10 reasons to drink a rooibos latte

Here’s 10 reasons why you should be drinking a rooibos latte. Make it with our red espresso rooibos: It is naturally caffeine-free so you and your family can drink it anytime of the day or night It helps soothe headaches. It has a relaxing effect of the central nervous system. It has antispasmodic properties and alleviates insomnia and irritability. It helps […]

Even better for you than green tea

As researched by the Antioxidant Research Unit at INFRUITEC in Stellenbosch, South Africa, one shot (60ml) of red espresso – enjoyed as a red cappuccino, poured over juice as an iced tea, or added to your morning smoothie as a booster shot – is the equivalent of drinking 5 cups of green tea, 6 cups of […]

Red Espresso is a CANSA Smart Choice Product

On the 7th of April 2015, World Health Day, red espresso was awarded the official CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) Seal of Recognition in recognition of our product’s unique health properties. A regular fluid intake is needed to keep our bodies well hydrated and all bodily functions are dependent on water for operating well. Regular intake of rooibos tea not […]

Our red espresso rooibos is great for kids!

We do everything we can, every day, to protect our little loved ones – especially when it comes to their health. With no caffeine, no sugar, no preservatives, no colourants, no additives nor any nasty hidden ingredients, our red espresso rooibos is a safe, healthy and excellent choice for children.  Containing only pure rooibos tea, […]

3 Superfood lattes that’ll kickstart your day

Appearing on menus around the world as Golden Lattes, Matcha lattes and Red Velvet Lattes, these tasty drinks offer powerful functional health benefits and are fast gaining popularity as the colourful new options to try when you’re tired of caffeine or in need of an energy boost. Also known as rainbow lattes, super lattes or […]


Rooibos tea contains many powerful healing properties and has a multitude of beauty benefits for your skin and body. Besides being naturally caffeine-free, it contains antioxidants, zinc, natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) as well as other minerals like potassium, copper and calcium. HERE ARE THE 10 WAYS IN WHICH ROOIBOS TEA IS GREAT FOR YOUR DAILY BEAUTY REGIME:  […]