Serve our freshly made iced tea

Serve our easy-to-make fresh red iced tea – in seconds! Loaded with antioxidants, it is a deliciously healthy way to cool down on hot summer days. Winner of the SCAA Best New Specialty Product in the USA: the home of iced tea!


  • red espresso ground rooibos
  • Apple juice
  • Ice


  1. Fill a glass with ice
  2. Add ⅔ apple juice
  3. Express a double shot of red espresso (60ml/2oz.) and pour over ice  and apple juice
  4. Garnish with fresh mint

TIP: Try it with pear, peach, grape, cranberry or pomegranate juice

The healthiest freshly made iced tea

  • 100% natural, real iced tea
  • With no caffeine, added sugar, colourants or preservatives – just 100%
    rooibos tea and fruit juice – the fresh red bursts with flavour, antioxidants
    and pure refreshment 

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